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      AvatarAndy Ainsworth

      I am looking for a bit of advice. I have been having a problem with both knees for a while now which i think started when I changed my squat technique from a feet out position to a more feet forward position as described in BSL, the change in stance has helped my squat massively but I am concerned about the hot feeling I am getting in my knee caps, some sort of “itis” is my self diagnosis after watching a few videos on here.

      I get a twang on both knees on the top corner/lateral side of my patella as I lower into a squat, I am not sure if this has anything to do with my problem or not?? I have been trying various mobilisations/tissue work but don’t seem to be making an improvement.

      My new plan is to follow the instructions KStar outlines in this video

      Hopefully that will clear things up, but was wondering 

      a ) should I be looking at any other areas as a cause of the problem?
      b ) should I lay off squats until I clear the problem up?
      c) how often should I follow the mobilisations in the video?



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      Changing your foot position in the squat could highlight area(s) that need attention.
      What is your ankle rom like?
      Have you rolled out above your knee?
      Have you looked at anything upstream of the knee?
      Hit mobility work each day.

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      Sounds like you’re putting extra stretch into area’s that didn’t need it with your old position.

      Couch stretch, supra patella pouch mobility work, and hip flexor mobility should help give you some extra range and reduce the heat.

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      AvatarAndy Ainsworth

      Thanks for the replies guys.

      In answer to your questions, my ankle ROM is pretty good, I can get into a pistol position and hold it, so I guess that’s not the problem, I have been mobilising daily but was taking more of a carpet bomb style approach to it,   (just trying to hit as many different areas as possible, and see what changes happen), Barbell quad/adductor smashing, IT Band rumble rollling, Calf bone saw and a few more. I also have been using the couch stretch, (the on the couch version not the leg up a wall version) as the leg leg/wall version was giving me a bit of discomfort in my knees)but did not really see an improvement in my knees, although a lot of the other tissues did feel massively improved!!
      For the last few days, 2 or 3 times a day, I have spent more time working on my supra patella pouch and smashing my calves with a ball which seems to have calmed things down a little, but wasn’t sure if this was just because I haven’t squatted since Monday.
      Do you think I should wait until the heat in my knees completely goes before returning to squats or just keep mobilising and working out??
      Thanks for your time guys.
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      It is more effective to pick a max of 3 things to address at a time.
      Sounds like you need to smash above your knee.
      You are a system of systems so improvements in other areas will have am impact on your knee.
      A few days working with an area may be needed.
      You should squat to check in with where things are at.
      Have someone look at your squatting technique.
      Have you done any box squatting?
      It could be a technique issue.
      You should continue to working out. There are several other elements you can use within your workouts.
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      AvatarAndy Ainsworth

      Thanks again Kaitlin

      I’ll see if there is any improvement when I work out tomorrow, if not i’ll look at mobilising other area’s with a bit more intent. Process of elimination I guess.
      I’ve just watched the mwod on box squats, something I’ve never really done so will give them a go as well.
      I’ve not had anyone check my technique but have seen a few people posting on here asking for feedback so maybe i’ll do that.
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