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      Hello MWOD Community! 

      My name is Kevin Pajaro and this year I made a resolution to take my mobility more seriously. Thankfully, I came across KStar’s material and it’s been pretty beneficial in terms of getting some form of a foundation down to make mobility a daily thing that I will continuously do to better myself. 
      However, I have a couple questions I thought would be better to post here as someone who can take the time to answer them could help me out! 
      1. I’m not really sure where to start, because I feel as if my whole lower chain (both posterior, and anterior) are all junky and I feel like I want to do everything all at once, but I know that I shouldn’t. What’s a good way to start tackling something and make progress from there?
      2. I posted a video on my youtube channel as a way to keep myself accountable. The video is of me squatting from various angles, so that you all can see what I’m working with.
      ** Are there any specific MWOD’s that anyone knows off the top of their head that can help me out? 
      LOL, sorry for the form. But I figure if I plan to be successful at making the squat an effective exercise, I have to cut the ego out a bit and ask for help! 
      If anyone has any suggestions as to how to go about mobility for the squat in general, it would be GREATLY appreciated on my part! 


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