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      AvatarMark Hardie

      Hello, I’m currently working as a police officer in Canada for the past 2.5 years and I’ve been CrossFitting/weightlifting for the past 5 years.  Before starting my career as a police officer I was all about the minimalist / flat soled footwear (Inov-8, Sambas, Reeboks, with the exception to weightlifting shoes), anything that kept my heel to close to the ground and my lower back and heels safe from injury.  It was no surprise that when I started working as a cop that there was little selection of minimalist / flat soled duty boots on the market.

      I did discover Belleville’s Mini-Mil TR102, a true minimalist boot with only a 2 mm heel to toe drop, light weight, and very flexible.  But I did discover some downfalls, first being foot protection.  I did not feel like my feet were protected at all times (didn’t feel comfortable when kicking in doors or walking over hazardous terrain). Second being poor quality, I’ve blasted through 2 pairs in 2 years.  Based on that I’m looking for other options out there on the market.
      I’m currently looking at switching to 5.11’s Urban Recon boot.  They market it as a cross training (CrossFit) boot with a 8 mm heel to toe drop. I have yet to try these on or have them in my hands.  But after doing a little bit of research on the subject of duty boots and heel to toe drop, I have some questions.
      1. How high is too high regarding heel to toe drop (will switching to the 8 mm heel to toe drop be my demise???), I guess that ideally you want to your feet to be flat on the ground but I have yet to find a product that provides protection as well as a zero drop.
      2. What do other first responders / service men and women wear or buy when they are looking for a flat soled duty boot.
      3. Has anyone ever found a custom boot maker that would be able to help me out with this issue .
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      AvatarSukho Gomes


      Is it as simple a fix as taking a durable/strong existing boot and reducing the heel or getting it resoled with another minimal heel via a shoe/boot repairer?

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      AvatarCynthia Terrell

      Check out lems shoes Boulder boot. Zero drop. Well made. And maybe enough toughness there to give a closed door the boot 😉 they also come in black, brown, and grey just as a side note!

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