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      AvatarDillon Glenn

      While I have need for mobility improvements everywhere, my ankles are definitely my biggest issue. Calf smashing, banded distraction, and banding the Talus all give me a little improvement, but I feel my main issue is a stiff Fibula and Calcaneous. Whenever I try externally rotating my ankle, my heel wants to move with it and it feels like I am hitting a “wall.”

      All of the other MOBs I do (shoulder, hip, etc.) always give me awesome test/retest results, but I can’t find something for my ankle with the same results.

      Looking for some tips or any other MOBs and Exercises that I could try. Thanks!

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      Michael AlzheimerMichael Alzheimer

      Hey Dillon!

      Check out this video:

      Should be an effective MOB for what you are looking for. Test-retest and let us know how it goes!


      TRS Staff

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