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      Luke EverettLuke Everett

      So while I squat my right foot turns out slightly further than my left. I have done tons of IR mobilizations with zero success. Could it be from a weak adductor? I noticed that mobility wonʻt solve all your problems. There needs to be some strengthening involved as well. Anyone got any tips?

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      AvatarMax Sandlin

      Check your ankle ROM.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      what’s your process like? before you mobilize anything, i would squat down and note the restrictions and how your foot turns out.  then i would start with one mob/smash and then retest the squat. did it get better? repeat with another mob/smash. and so on. in this orderly way, you will find out where the real problem areas are and what seems to improve the situation and what does not or has no effect.

      i think andrew bridges is on the right track with ankle work. i would also do lower leg, knee, quads/hams all the way up to hips. it could be anything in that chain of muscles which is affecting your foot turning out.
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      It doesn’t sound like you are hitting the cause of the issue.
      Do you have IR restrictions?
      Pro Episode # 38 – MWod Pro-User Request Friday: Femurs Straight, But Feet Ducked? The MWOD Approach
      Squat Quick Test: Is it your Ankles or Hips?
      Episode 343: Stop Walking Like the Duck You Aren’t

      The root of the problem may be at the ankle, foot, heel cord, hip etc.

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      Luke EverettLuke Everett

      I forgot to mention its mostly with over head squats and a lot during the snatch. It happens slightly with normal squats but not as much. 

      Ankles and calves have full ROM. I did the FMS test.
      I usually hit the hips and hamstrings before I squat. Smashing, flossing and voodoo flossing. 

      I noticed that if I place my heels on a small plate (10lbs) I can do perfect overhead squats with no restrictions at all. I can even close grip over head squat with my feet almost touching.
      I hope this will help pinpoint the problem. Thanks for all the responses guys.
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