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      AvatarThomas Lamote

      Hi guys,

      I’m 30 years old and suffer from severe hip impingement. Already had hip artroscopic on my left hip to shave the bone down. Ready to undergo the same at my right hip. I have no internal hip rotation starting from 45° of hip flexion. Which translates to:
      – unloaded squating until 45°
      – cycling with my knees flairing out
      – picking things of the ground with knees flairing way out to avoid the impingement.

      Swimming is a great way for me to stay in shape but I would love to regain a normal functionality. Cycling, jogging, crossfit, squating.

      I was wondering If someone has a similar problem to share information with.

      Also been braking my head on next things:

      I would like to mobilize to set the femur more in the back of the socket to increase my hip flexion. But I’m not sure if that’s a good thing to drive the head of the femur into the socket when it is deformed. Any thought on this.

      It’s also hard to visualize the impingement. Is it possible that FAI can also block your hip extension? As you have no internal rotation of the hip?

      Hope to get some advice


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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Would recommend consulting with your doctor or PT about mobilizing to the back of the socket since there is pathology.

      Kelley discusses FAI on the October 29, 2020 Webinar at 27:24.
      May need to slow some movements down to not jam the femur into the pelvis at high speeds.
      Addressing the soft tissue can improve the system.

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      AvatarThomas Lamote


      Big thanks for your answer. I understand the methods for optimizing the problem. Although my biggest uncertainty is to define my end range of my ‘deformed’ hip. For example, I need to work on internal rotation. But how do I know if I’m slamming the bone more into each other (with cartilage damage consequences). Pain is definitely a signal. But is it pain from stiff tissue or pain from my femur running into my labrum. Until this day, no PT or doctor could determine that for me. Any suggestions?

      Appreciate your help!

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