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      AvatarSohrab Khushrushahi

      I do lack dorsiflexion to begin with but have worked over the past years on the ankles, calves, hamstrings, and especially hip to help with preventing my feet turning out and ankle collapsing. Particularly the right foot. I try really hard to screw my feet into the floor in order to create the arch. I do that, but from there I feel like I can’t dorsiflex in any angle. Especially outwards to help push my knees out. When I externally rotate, screw my feet into the floor, and then descend into the squat, my feet just follow the shins and spin out to 45 degrees or more. The feeling I get is that my femur, shin bone, and ankle/foot are all connected and there aren’t any joints so when one when I try to create the torque the feet just follow or else I’ll never get down into a squat. If I kept my feet straight and tried to get down, I wouldn’t get very far at all.  

      Just for reference, with my feet together and i try to squat i just fall backwards. The only way I feel comfortable in a bottom squat position is with my heels raised. 
      Can anyone shed any light besides the duck feet vids? I’ve tried that for a while. 
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Have you worked upstream at the hip?
      Is your hip flexion restricted?
      If you don’t have a closed ankle and closed hip position you will fall back.
      Turning your foot out unloads hip internal rotation.
      Episode 262: Hip Flexion Case Study and MobRx Part 1
      Episode 262: Hip Flexion Case Study and MobRx Part 2
      Episode 238: Hip Opening

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      AvatarSohrab Khushrushahi

      Thanks!! I have worked quite hard at the hip but more so at trying to create external rotation. But like I said, when I externally rotate my feet just follow and blows off that internal rotation. In terms of hip flexion, I can get my knee to chest when laying on the floor and i feel like that is OK. I’ve tried focusing on hip internal rotation in flexion but when I test, re-test, difference is negligible. Are you indicating hip internal rotation in flexion is lacking?

      My groin gets insanely tight the day after squatting. I stretch that out the most it seems cause its always tight! I am not sure if thats a compensating sign for something? 
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Sounds like you may not be creating torque correctly.
      Episode 250: Creating Loaded Hip Stability and Torque
      Episode 45: Torque is King, Three Way Hip MobsAre you missing internal rotation?

      Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 – Ankles

      Have you addressed the glute?
      Posterior tib? This is the muscle that runs just behind your tibia on the medial side which directly impacts the arch. Tightness can cause your ankle to collapse in a dorsiflexed  position.
      Spending time barefoot helps small muscles of the foot to develop.

      Do you have an anterior pelvic tilt?
      The femur internally and the adductors shorten. Legs turn out.
      Address the high adductor
      Are you addressing the tight groin?
      Are you seeing improvements with what you are working on?

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