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      AvatarMike Richmond

      As Kelly Starrett said in one of the webinars, we need to have about 10 or 15 degrees(can’t remember) of ankle eversion. This means that the calcaneus needs to be able to move side to side. However, I found out that my ankles have 0 degrees of eversion. 

      The problem is here:
      If I have no eversion in my ankle and I try to create torque by external rotation, my feet seem to raise off the ground. Instead of being able to move knees out from the ankle, I end up having my ankles and feet straight and my knees get all the pressure from external rotation. The femur try to externally rotate which put pressure on my medial knee. Am I right? I have pain in medial knees all the time when I create external rotation. 
      This is like squating with knees caving in (putting pressure on the lateral knees).
      Twisting knees either directions is bad?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVXDEAYPYCg#t=14
      Should I turn my feet out and squat with my knee tracking over my feet first? and when I have enough eversion ROM, I then can switch back to having straight feet when squatting. 
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      No you should not change to improper technique (turning the foot out) to complete a skill.
      It more than a task completed yes/no situation.
      Changing technique from proper technique to complete a task leads to other issues down the road.
      You need to start addressing the cause of the issue.
      Have you worked with a coach to look at your technique and create a plan to improving your technique?
      Are you addressing your heal cords and posterior chain?Feeding slack to the system allows your feet to remain on the ground.
      Are you looking above and below of where you see the issue?

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