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      AvatarJulie Luther

        What could my son do to deal with the pain in his shoulder? My son goes in surgery after the wrestling season is over.
        What could we do to get through the season? He has minor pain until he wrestles. Sometimes he is fine after a match just minor pain, and sometimes after a match he is done for a week or two. Please help with any advice.

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          AvatarJulie Luther

            Thank you for your response!!! Yes he has seen a doctor and is receiving dry needle when needed. The cortisone shots have seemed to help the best but we are only doing those sparingly. the videos have been helpful, and he has improved his range of motion by reaching back to the barbell and stretching out the T spine.
            When he is in a wrestling match, and his opponent really pulls on that left shoulder, a great amount of pain is created and then he has to push through it for the rest of the tournament. Any more advice would be greatly appreciated, but thank you for your time and concerns.

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              Has the left shoulder experienced trauma?
              Been dislocated?
              Is he continuing to work on the tspine?
              Have you watched the webinar about the shoulder?
              The Athletic Shoulder: Anatomy, Physiology & Function
              Understanding how the shoulder works is beneficial
              Jill Miller Fixes Your T-Spine and Crappy Breathing Mechanics
              Jill Miller has some great videos here that are a great additional reference.
              There is a link for a free quick fix here you can access others for a small fee.
              The shoulder, upper back, and neck videos may hit other impacting areas.

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              AvatarJulie Luther

                Thanks for your response, GREAT STUFF!!! The left shoulder has experienced trauma from another wrestler slamming it forward. We have had opinions from trainers, and doctors and the majority lean toward the SLAP tear. My son has mentioned a small amount of pain while performing bicep curls, but also expresses that the amount of pain lessens while keeping the shoulder in tight.

                The shoulder webinar was fantastic! I have a much better understanding on why mashing the T-spine is so important. We will continue to mash to keep the tissue and joints mobile, and to get through the season of wrestling. We do have surgery scheduled two days after the season is over. Thank you so much you have been very helpful and thank you for your time.

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                  Great to hear the shoulder webinar helped with understanding how& why certain things are done.
                  With the trauma on the shoulder there is less of a buffer zone for less than ideal positioning. He may not be able to buffer things he was able to buffer in the past.
                  Positioning will remain even more important with everything he is performing.
                  Following his surgery it will be imperative to spend time with skill work and retooling everything that he is performing. Taking the time to build a solid foundation and improved foundation with positioning will prove very beneficial as he begins training again. Putting some time in with understanding and replicating the stable shoulder position will be beneficial as well.
                  Hope he has a great rest of the season.

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