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      AvatarTom Parker

      A few weeks ago I played flag football. The day after my right knee was tight and there was a dull pain behind it. My whole right leg feels a bit tight. I am able to work out. It takes a while to warm the leg up and get the pain to go away. It doesn’t necessarily feel worse or better after. Ran a triathlon Sunday and felt fine. Played flag again the day after and it now feels worse. Not sure which part/parts to try to mobilize and how to get it functioning well again. 

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Sounds like the cutting/ change of direction may be a contributing factor. Work up/down stream of where you are experiencing the issue. Hamstring, quad, calf for starters voodoo wrap, leopard claw or leopard paw will address some aspects. Check out some of the post run episodes as well.
      Is the leg only tight after playing flag football?

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