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      AvatarHawley Waldman

      I have had double hip arthscopy for cam impingment on both hips, had my right one done 4 months ago recovered and strengthend it deadlifting 200kg on it pain free etc. just had my left hip done a week ago so still on crutches. No torn labrum etc just a little damage to it but both labrum still in good condition.

      What are the best exercises for this condition?
      Does this mean I can’t squat again?
      Also have a twisted pelvis when in a deadlift position and at bottom of a deep squat… Could anybody help me with this thanks.

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      High box squats are a great place to start with people coming off hip surgery. As high as you need to go to feel comfortable loading your hips and hinging properly without pain. It may mean well above parallel to start with but you have to go back to the basics when coming off surgery and repatterning your positions. 

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      AvatarBhavin Garara

      Hi seen this post. I need a double hip arthscopy should I do it same time or gaps how long will i be out of work and if it’s been missed for 2 years and pain is now constant ake whats the damage likely to be

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