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      Stem Cell Therapy for Osteoarthritis

      Stem cell therapy is the first treatment for Osteoarthritis that positively improves tissue and does not destroy joint tissue. The other three popular treatments: use of supplements Glucosamine and Chrondrotin, Viscosupplementation(joint injections of Hyaluronan) and Arthroscopic surgery have been the only option available until stem cell therapy became available. Stem cell therapy has a safety record demonstrated in both animals and in humans for many years. At this time it appears to be very safe and highly effective.

      Stem cell procedures may eliminate the need for joint replacement surgery. Fat-derived stem cell procedures are showing significant results with joint repair. Quality of life is improved through the significant reduction of pain, and there building of healthy tissues helps restore normal functioning in joint areas.

      • On a study done by our clinic on 29 osteoarthritis patients treated with adipose- SVF and assessed each month for 6 months reported that over 80% of patients treated show a significant improvement of between 50 – 100% in pain and mobility of the joint.
      • The repair process takes time – with the improvement at its maximum level by 6 months
      • Whether young or old the improvement by stem cell therapy was the same.

      Contact me for more information: [email protected] or visit our site and see our patient testimonials: Stem Cells 21

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