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      AvatarBrian DELETE

      Hi Guys,

      I’ve read my way through Supple Leopard and am keen to start practicing the mobilizations on a daily basis but not as part of a work-out.
      What I cant seem to find is any mention of needing to do any warm-up before doing my 10-15 mins of daily mobilizations.
      Some of the moves look pretty gnarly, if it’s okay to do these things from a cold start then great as it saves time and consequently means I’m more likely to get them done!
      I’ve so far been unable to find an answer either way on this so maybe Im missing something!
      : )
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      AvatarKeith Broussard

      It’s not necessary to warm up for mobilizing.

      Your tissues may however be more receptive and responsive if you are warmed up first especially when working on the sliding surfaces and muscle dynamics.

      if you jump into something cold and it feels sketchy then go ahead and break a sweat and see if that helps.

      I suppose it’s easier to say being warmed up won’t hirt anything.

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