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      AvatarCraig Harper

        Hey guys i have been dealing with a bit of a biceps issue. It first started when i wore elbow sleeves doing pullups which cut into my bicep tendon which turned into tendonitis for about 2 months

        Recently it came back when i was carrying a heavy bag all day in my left hand with my arm straight
        Now it comes back almost weekly with even light straight arm carries like 5 pounds. But when it goes away in about 7-14 days i can lift as heavy as i want with all back exercises. Is there anything that can cause this and what can i do to get rid of it?
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        AvatarCraig Harper

          I should add this only happens on my left arm.  It can also happen if i do alot of pushing with not alot of pulling work and i rectified that in my training doing alot more back and bicep work but it still happened just carrying the shopping

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            Are you healed?
            You may have reached your limit on holding a bag of that weight.
            Your tendonitis may not be healed and it was aggravated when carrying the bag.
            Are you addressing the cause of the tendonitis?
            Until you address the cause of the tendonis it will continue to occur.

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            AvatarCraig Harper

              Well i dont know what is causing it now which is the issue. It seems to happen on different things any suggestions?

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                What caused the original issue?
                Have you had it checkout by a doctor?
                If it has been that long without improvement something more could be going on.
                It could be related to your positioning.
                Did you  re injure it?
                Do you understand what you need to do to create a stable position?

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