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      AvatarJustin Waters


      I’ve been dealing with shoulder issues for a while now. 
      My left shoulder was perfectly fine but my right shoulder was so week. During workouts like bench presses and latt pulldowns, it was not so stable and creeped upwards.
      The right shoulder for internally rotated/rounded.
      I had little bit of winging in right scapula, I did strengthening exercises and it is not alright. But still, the rounded shoulder was there. I consulted a PT, he did I had tightness in my shoulder and pec area. I massage them using a tennis ball and they felt better. 
      But now, I notice that I can’t retract my shoulder blades evenly.
      Left shoulder goes to full retraction but my right shoulder doesn’t. Due to this, I can’t shrug evenly. My left has nicely developed traps than my right. Can this be due to tightness in back? Which area should I work on? Please guide.

      Sorry for the long post.
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Have you checked out episodes that address the things you are seeing?
      Episode 89: Bro, Your Internal Rotation is Lacking
      Daily Prog: Shoulder Internal Rotation 1/3
      WOD: Shoulder Internal Rotation 2/3
      WOD: Shoulder 3/3, Internal Rotation and Function
       Pro Episode: Winging Scapula this may give you additional info about addressing your right scapula.

      Are you doing exercises to improve scapular retraction?

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      AvatarJustin Waters

      Hey Kaitlin!

      Thanks for replying 🙂
      I’ve been doing rows, scapular pushups, band pull aparts and I’m yet to see the results. :/
      And I’ll look into those articles rn.
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Retraining a movement or learning a new movement takes time.
      Strength work will be a part of it.
      Stay positive with the work you are doing.
      Are you working up/down stream of your shoulders?

      Couple other episodes to check out:
      Episode 18: Free Your Scap, Free Your Mind
      Episode 247: Scap Suppleness

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