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      This might seem like a stupid question. But is it possible to dislocate your shoulder by doing mobility work? I can´t seem to rid a mental picture in my head of the shoulder popping out of the socket when doing some of the front rack mobility stuff….

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      I’ve done alot of the mobilitywork for the shoulders and I’m stiff as f”k and my shoulder is still where it should be. 

      If you’re afraid of doing it with stiff/cold shoulders do http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YHIV4a81Os this first. 
      I’ve started doing it before every time I do crossfit and it helped me alot. 
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      As Kelly has noted if it feels sketchy it is sketchy.
      Same would apply here.
      If you are hesitant about doing something it is better not to perform it.

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      AvatarCoty Cruse


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