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      AvatarCara Yost

      I’ve been having digestive problems for quite some time. I’ll go to a doctor soon but for the time being I’m pretty sure my small intestine is inflammed! I’ve also noticed I pee too much and have problems absorbing water. I eat plenty of salt and eat dem lemons. 

      Is it possible to target small intestine inflammation through gut smash, or in fact any other organ inflmmation? For example the liver? Or the gall bladder?
      I’ve experimented a lot with my eating habits but nothing helps for now. How do you defeat inflammation for place you can’t reach. Is curcumin an option?
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      AvatarErin Kaminsky

      I have gut issues & “fixed” myself after repeated GP visits.

      What kind of foods are you eating & when? I personally noticed a huge difference was I stopped eating in the mornings & fasting until 1pm each day.

      Renegade diet by Jason Ferruggia has some great chapters of fixing digestion & gut health.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      In direct answer to your question, there has been some work by some guys in Italy on fascial manipulation for internal organs and problems. Luigi Stecco is in Italy and Warren Hammer is the guy who does a lot of training in the US:

      Providers can be found here, although the fasical manipulation work for internal organs is relatively new and i’d ask the provider first if they have been trained in it yet:

      the book is here. it is very hard to read and doesn’t provide much for you to treat yourself:


      as for what you should do, i work with a functional medicine doctor called Justinhealth.com. why dont you go through some of his videos on digestion and inflammation and see if there is something that resembles you:
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      AvatarCara Yost

      I don’t think I have a problem with a particular type of food because I’ve tried eliminating a lot of foods and hadn’t had a change. No bread. Tried no carbs for a lot of time. I eat yogurt and eggs regularly. Eggs i find very easy to digest and I don’t have a problem with dairy. The only symptom is weak digestion. I don’t feel fatigue or anything. 

      I have asthma, sinusitis and poor posture which all deal with inflammation. Almost certainly is my intestine inflammed. But the cause remains a mystery to me. Maybe I also have SIBO, dysbiosis. 
      I think FODMAPS and fiber might be a little aggrevating. Since I ate celery, legumes, and green beans in a single day (a lot yeah) just to see how i would react. I felt the gasses and bloating. Transit time was faster. But who wouldn’t feel like thsi? Hmm
      I’ve tried eating lemons, vinegar and taking betaine HCL before every meal to see if its a stomach acid problem. It isn’t. So it must be poor absorption and transit time. 
      I found the power of glyceine and gelatin so I’ll try to consume more. It should repair the mucosa lining of the gut and act as a strong inflammatory. I’ll check your resources and gut smash in the meantime. 
      If I eat easy to digest foods poop still comes watery and there’s undigested fat I think.
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      AvatarJesse Glushefski

      Sounds pretty identical to adrenal insufficiency… Not full on adrenal fatigue which is pretty severe, but insufficiency. Generally, when your adrenals are strained and your cortisol is out of whack (probably low in your case) your digestion slows to a halt causing all sorts of problems like bloating, heartburn, etc. In addition your kidneys (where your adrenal glands are located) struggle to regulate the amount of sodium in your blood so you dump a lot of urine, and electrolytes are all out whack. Often, when you have adrenal problems the body has a problem with recovery so you get muscle tightness that just won’t go away, inflammation of joints and such, and a lot of people have sinus problems.. waking up stuffy, lymph nodes might pop out a little all over the body. 

      So, I would really explore that before you go thinking you have SIBO, which I imagine is pretty uncommon. If you’re not like always super bloated after eating anything then you prob don’t have SIBO. The bloating you are experiencing is likely because your digestion is struggling and it is harder to digest foods.. so grainy or fibrous things aggravate your gut.
      I would recommend getting a saliva adrenal kit from BioHealth or wherever. You spit into a little tube 4 times a day and send it away.. within a few days they send you a report of your adrenals. If your high on your readings then you’re not too far gone, but if you are low on your readings that means that your cortisol was elevated for so long that it crashed. But first things, first. Test the cortisol! It is pretty common for hard hitting athletes to have some issues of this sort. 
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      Steve HarlowSteve Harlow

      Hey Nikolaymih,

           If you have inflammation in the gut, you’d be getting a noticeable amount of blood in your poo.  If that’s the case, your GI doc will label it either Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis (depending on where it takes place in the GI tract), and prescribe you some pills for short term relief.
      If that’s not the case, consider yourself fortunate, and it likely falls under the diagnosis of Irritable Bowell Syndrome or Leaky Gut Syndrome (or possibly SIBO as you’d mentioned).   
      Regardless – in the short term, try 5 – 10g of L-glutamine daily (helps heal soft tissue – like the small intestine). Then get yourself a good functional medicine doc:

      Best of luck.
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      AvatarCara Yost


       Your post was really helpful. I’ve noticed I feel tired and foggy sometimes after eating. I also noticed I feel chronically stressed out. For example I’ll go exercising and even after that I would feel a bit stressed maybe anxious. Also I feel my sex drive is lower than normal and I’m 20 years old… So what you’re saying is extremely plausible. I was a stressed kid I think and I played a lot of games, sitting down. My parents stress me out a lot. My memory was not top notch also. Initially I linked sress to my breathing mechanics.
      Any tips and more information on the topic would be much appriciated. One thing I don’t get is how little cortisol leads to higher stress. I always thoght it was the opposite.
      Also which electrolyte is out of wack? Too little potassium or sodium?
       No blood at all. Just weak absorbption. HCL and eating a ton of lemons, vinegar didn’t help.
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      AvatarCara Yost

      I also have jaw dysfunction and inflamed salivary glands. 

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      AvatarJesse Glushefski

      Hey there, Well I think I went into above. The process generally goes that you are in a state of stress which could be any combination of emotional and physical, just physical, just emotional, etc.. and your cortisol becomes elevated. During this stage you probably feel pretty good and are owning workouts, but might have fleeting anxiety bc of the high levels of cortisol. If the elevated cortisol goes on for long enough it essentially bottoms out and your body can no longer produce enough cortisol to keep up with the demands of regular life, let alone athletic training. Thats when you get digestive problems, no sex drive, anxiety, fatigue, inability to recover, etc. Your cortisol is essential to mediate the stress response, when it becomes “broken,” it drops and you can no longer handle stress. I highly suggest getting the 24 hr adrenal saliva test. Start there and report back. 

      Also, mostly sodium, but don’t go just adding a bunch of sodium to your diet without knowing if this is really an adrenal test. Do you crave salt? Do you pee a lot? 
      Again, get the adrenal test and then report back here and maybe I can help you further. 
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