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      Juliet StarrettJuliet Starrett

      Hi all, 

      I could really use some advice on how best to improve my posture when sitting with crossed legs on the floor. My knees are so far off the ground it is actually embarrassing, I would say they’re at least 45 degrees from the ground and I know that many people are very comfortable with the knees almost to the ground. 
      When I sit in this position I really have to tilt forwards to keep from falling back and when I do hold that position it becomes very uncomfortable at the front of the hip / groin?.
      I’m sure this is a limiting factor in my squat as I must be missing range compared to most the people in my Box. 
      I have been working on opening my hips for a month now and today I set up the frog machine where you use the band to bias the hip then put bumper plates to push the knees towards the ground. My knees barely moved even with 20kg’s each side on 
      So….where am I going wrong? is there anything I can do? or are some people (like me) just born with tight hips? 
      Is there anyone in this forum who had hips like mine and got those knees to the floor. 
      Thanks in advance for any tips people. 
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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Andrew,

      Chances are your inability to sit cross-legged IS indeed having a poor effect on your squat, and it’s probably going to take a look around the whole hip to clear it all up.The super frog is definitely a good option. It will help you improve
      your ability to drive the knees out in the squat, and also get them
      closer to the floor for that cross-legged position.

      You’ll also probably want to take a lacrosse ball to those glutes and hamstrings too. Any mwods for improving the squat that are hip-centric (hip flexion, external rotation, and abduction) will probably improve the cross-legged position too. Leaf through the squat mobs, and look for some hip action.

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