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      AvatarRadoslav Ivanov

      I finally got my shoulder checked out… Its been bothering me for several years and though improving my mobility and flexibility has helped immensely, I was spending more time backing off than actually working out.

      Anyway, I went to the recommended shoulder Ortho. Took some x-rays. I have a bone spur and some arthritis. There is probably cartilage damage, could be some Labrum  as well, but he wants me to get a cortisone injection and come back in 4 weeks. If the pain is better with the cortisone injection he will not order an MRI. His recommendation is to keep up my range of motion but to limit overhead exercise for good… I am loving body-weight exercise, especially  crawls, pull-ups and hand stands etc…
      Is that it? Is that my best option? I don’t really want to get a cortisone injection, and I want to keep safely practicing handstands and other overhead skills. I am just wondering if anyone has suggestions where they would go from here.
      I am 44 and in pretty  good shape. I love CrossFit and have competed in OLY lifting a few times, but the past couple of years I have been doing 90% bodyweight training and loving it.
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      AvatarBobby Braxton

      I would avoid the shot, its just masking a problem, a MRI is better although a majority of MRI’s are read incorrectly! I say see a PT that is familiar with CrossFit and get an assessment. I just had shoulder surgery and its miserable! 

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      AvatarRadoslav Ivanov

      Thanks Christina,

      I just got an MRI. The surgeon says my rotator cuff is healthy, but I have arthritis and shoulder surgery is a 50/50 shot. It may buy me some relief but maybe not. This is a second Ortho, he is also telling me to get an injection and my shoulder should feel better for a while at least. The basic suggestion by both Orthos is that I stick to flexibility and light dumbbells and keep getting cortisone injections until they don’t work anymore.
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      AvatarRachel Perkins

      cortisone injections destroy bone and cartilage.

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      Avoid the injections. See someone who understands training and also has a certification in KBs and can teach you real arm bars and turkish get ups and presses. There is likely some reworking of how you are using your shoulder that is not being addressed that you could spend time on and work it out. Particularly learning to use your lats and teres major and create better rotator cuff activity through grip, traction and compression (farmers carries and the arm bars, get ups, crawls, etc..)

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