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        Can anyone offer any idea to help reduce knee swelling.  I am 5 months post-op from a meniscus surgery and have been to rehab to strengthen all supporting muscles.  The orthopedic surgeon cleared me for activity.  Any time I play soccer or basketball, I get a lot of swelling and am just trying to find a way to help reduce/eliminate that.  I have tried the normal RICE principle and see a lot of theory on not using ice anymore.  I have been trying a knee compression sleeve, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.

        I saw an interview with Mark Reihnl and he mentioned he used Marc Pro for a collar bone injury.  Has anyone tried this or had luck with any other methods?
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      What is causing the swelling?
      Has anyone taken a look at your running mechanics?
      Video taping helps so you can see exactly what you are doing.
      A deviation in your running mechanics may be the cause of the swelling.

      The 2 mwods Gary did with Kelly about the Marc Pro
      People, We’ve Got to Stop Icing Injuries. We Were Wrong, Sooo Wrong | Community Video
      (A year later) Peoples, We’ve Got to Stop Icing. A Year Later…. | Community Video

      Do you feel you would benefit from increased circulation and
      evacuation of fluid that is built up in your leg or other areas?
       Test and retest on everything.  If it doesn’t then the issue may
      need professional evaluation. Mobilizing above and below would be
      wise in conjunction.

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      AvatarHollis Rudiger

      Hi Kaitlin,

        My big thing right now is reducing fluid in the knee.  It only gets aggravated after playing sports as the surgeon and PT both said would happen for a while.  I did work on running mechanics during PT.  I am just trying to find additional help to keep knee swelling down from post-op Meniscus surgery.  Marc Pro states on their page the device is not intended for medical use, but in one of the videos posted above, Marc did mention he used it to reduce swelling in his collar bone area.  I am trying to find people that have had similar problems and what their methods were to reduce knee joint swelling.
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