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      AvatarPatrick Avon


        When I’m bending over to touch the floor etc. I get a deep pain in the upper part of the calf. If I point my toes up, it get even worse. This means that I cant stretch my hamstings because I feel the stretch in my calfs. I get the same pain if i bend slightly over and push my finger into the back of my knee, it think it is a nerve? I have tried stretching and removing triggerpoints but it does not help, anyone know what the problem might be? 
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          Have you addressed up/downstream of the where you are seeing the problem?
          There are several things in the back of the knee that you could be agitating.
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          AvatarPatrick Avon

            I have spent a lot of time flossing and rolling my ankles and calfs. It have made no difference.

            Im not sure but i think it is the nerve i feel when I push the backside of my knee.
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              Have you hit the back and side of your knee on the outside using an alpha ball?
              Peeling away left and right.
              This may be where your problem originates. If it feels like stiff cables get them loosened up.
              3,4,5 times a day. It will need multiple doses through out the day to start to hold longer.

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              AvatarPatrick Avon

                Thanks for answering Katlin.

                Haven’t tried that before but it was realy painful back there, will give it a try! Going to floss the piriformis to.
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                  Yeah it definitely can be, but stay with it.
                  Each time you work with it you are making a difference even if you can’t see the difference yet.
                  Getting the tissue to relax first is key.
                  I would recommend using an Alpha ball had really good results in this area with it.
                  Its grippy and gets the the layers and separates things better than anything else I’ve seen.
                  The bigger size works great here.
                  Keep us posted.

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