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      More often then not, I wake up with muscles that feel pretty trashy, in that the soft tissue is very tight and tender to any smashing.

      After warming up, wrapping the tissue with voodoo floss, and stretching with resistance, the area definitely feels more normal, but after an hour or so, the tenderness and tightness creeps back in. To give an example, if my hamstrings are feeling rough, I tightly wrap the middle of the thigh and do some banded posterior chain flossing.
      When it starts getting tight again, should I just hit these problem areas again, sometimes several times a day? 
      Should I spend days/weeks focusing on normalizing one particular area before moving downstream?
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      Yes, it sounds like an area that needs alot of attention.
      In the beginning you may need to do multiple session a day. As the area begins to improve and correct positioning is reinforced and becomes the normal/default positioning it will not need attention so often to remain in a good place.
      You’ll begin to notice when an area first gets tight so it will be easier to address earlier on.
      Address spine first, then move to the primary these are where you will see the biggest impacts first.
      Identify your biggest performance limiters and address those areas first.
      Yes, if an area needs attention stay with it.

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