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      i think Ive got medial plica syndrome, and the inflamed tissue is snapping over the medial femoral condyle sometimes when i squat, i heard this is due to inflammation of the synovial plica, is so what is best way to go about reducing the inflammation?

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      Identifying what is causing the inflammation is one.
      The snapping is rubbing of the thickened plica over the round edge of the thighbone.
      Can you get access to a Marc Pro?
      If you are a runner you’ll want to have someone look at your running technique/mechanics.
      This may be the cause of the inflammation.
      Squat technique/mechanics and any skill with repetitive motions may be a contributing factor to the inflammation. The inflammation may be from a combination of movements. The cumulative effect of more than 1 impacting movement pattern.
      If you are using ibuprofen or ice stop. This shuts down what your body naturally does to heal.
      Check out the book ICED for more.

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