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      AvatarScott Mackaben

      Hello Guys,

      I wonder if someone could help me diagnose a fault and suggest a fix. I am pretty sure I have DB shoulder, which is more pronounced on one side than the other. My bench press has always been comparatively weak, and my right pec is significantly smaller than my left pec, which I now think is failure to activate because the right shoulder is doing more of the work than it should be. After reading Kelly’s book, I think that all I really need to do are the shoulder mobilization drills, but I would really appreciate some more informed opinion from people here in case I am missing something that might help speed up my improvement.
      The pictures below show me doing pushups on the rings (apologies for the quality, they are video stills, I can post a link to the video if need be). The way I interpret these is that at the bottom of the rep, I am reasonably even – in fact if anything my right shoulder sits back a little further than my left. But at the top of the movement, it is pretty clear to me that my right shoulder has rolled forwards, horribly so.
      These images were taken when I was reasonably tired, so I think probably demonstrate the fault at about as bad as it gets.
      Image 1 is just after bracing before starting the set – it already looks as though my right shoulder is forward a little:
      Image 2 is typical of the bottom of the rep – I don’t think this looks too bad, although I am very willing to be corrected if it’s horrible:
      Image 3 is at the top of the rep. And even I know that this is horrible:
      Sorry for the links instead of direct pics – I can’t figure out how to do that.
      So I’d be interested in your thoughts. As for what I’ve done so far, well as far as I can see my external rotation is dreadful but internal rotation is not too bad. But I’m not certain about that diagnosis, so I’ve been doing all of Kelly’s shoulder drills, only for a couple of days so far.
      Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions,
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      AvatarScott Mackaben

      Just a small addition to this, in case it is related. I also have some hip trouble on the right side, caused by too many years as a desk jockey. It’s nothing unusual, just tight flexors and weak glutes, causing the right femur to rotate outwards, and general poor mobility in the hip region.

      I’m working on other drills to sort that out, but I guess it could potentially be related to the shoulder issue, so thought I would add it here for completeness.
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      Have you looked at opening up your chest, lateral seam, under your pec, around the scap to feed slack to your shoulder and improve shoulder positioning?
      If you know anyone with HawkGrips I’d highly recommend having them hit those areas. I’ve seen great improvements with athletes should position using HawkGrips paired with a Marc Pro.

      Picture 1
      right arm internally rotatated want thumb  pointing out.
      Lock out your elbow
      Left thumb out

      Picture 2
      Elbows flaired out
      Closer to the body

      Photo 3
      internally rotated
      bent elbows
      scap winged

      I recommend going to the floor first.
      Rebuild the skill pattern. Carl Paoli has some great progressions that will show you where the restrictions are.
      Freestyle Movestrong 1 on the Cody app is great.
      Yes external rotation is one that needs attention.
      Limitations with internal rotation need to be addressed too.

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      AvatarScott Mackaben

      Hi Kaitlin,

      Thank you very much for the comments!
      I saw a chiropractor yesterday who found a huge amount of tightness in my traps and neck, and even just working those with a ball has massively improved my shoulder mobility. But I will definitely check out the HawkGrips and your other suggestions (to be honest, I am going to have to google a lot of what you say as it is all new to me).
      Thank you so much for taking the time to take a look and make recommendations – I really appreciate your help!
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      AvatarAlbert Lu

      If you look at your clavicles more towards the sterno-clavicular joint, you can see that your right clavicle is a lot higher than your left. That’s a tool I like to use to tell if there are any trap/ neck tightness issues. 

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      AvatarAlbert Lu

      Today’s mwod is perfect for your problem, I think.

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      AvatarScott Mackaben

      Ah, perfect, thanks SJ! I will check out the mwod now, but the clavicles will be a really usedul way of measuring progress – thank you!

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      AvatarScott Mackaben

      Update – yup, that works! I still need to properly check out what Kaitlin has said, but yes, that mwod could have been scripted just for me – perfect!

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      AvatarAlbert Lu

      Sweet! Glad to hear that I could be of help to you! Haha it was kind of perfect timing just for your issue.

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