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      AvatarGina Suhler

      As the title suggests, the videos are great and have helped me progress so much in my technique, ine just confused as most of the videos involve some kind of static stretch and I thought it was not wise to do static stretching before lifting. Therefore should the Dailey mwod be perform after or seperate? And what type of movements should be performed to help the joints find positions during squats or shoulder press for example? Thanks

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      AvatarKeith Broussard

      Allow me to play Dan John here… It depends….Remember most of the studies in static stretching before a workout wern’t realistic to real world application. It’s commonly claimed that stretching reduces power output but the studies go something: subject holds a static stretch and for a prescribed period of time then immediately goes into an exercise either max effort or set reps to failure. It’s unlikely that you would hold a 2 min couch stretch and imeediatly crush some power cleans. Im guessing you would “shake it out” maybe do some air squats and hit a light warmup set or two first.

      Joe Defranco has a good podcast episode on the topic.

      If you are missing a key position you should always clean it up before a workout and use the workout to challenge that position. Think of it as hitting save on your word document.

      It’s probably best to focus on joint capsule stuff before and the rest of the work after. But if you need to do some light smashing before to restore position then that’s cool. Keep in mind that smashing can ultimately be sedative so getting yourself mellowed out before Fran might not be your best option. Doing it befor bed is fantastic.

      Kelly often specifically warns about not gut mashing and ql smashing before workouts.

      If it’s just general body maintenance work I’d do it away from the workout if you can.

      I always restore t-spine extension and do something to open my hip up before a workout the rest I take care of in the morning or before bed.

      Long story short theirs no right answer but the goal is to get your body to the point that all you need to do is get warmed up and hit the workout once you are in the gym.

      Hope that’s clear as mud.

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