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      Hello everyone, thanks for taking a look at my post. I’m a newbie on this forum and am quite new to the whole mobility community so please bare with me if I ask some seemingly obvious questions.

      Here’s a short back story of the events that led up to where I am today
      About 13 months ago (I’m 21 now so at this point i was bodybuilding for 2 years) I impinged my left shoulder while doing a chest stretch on a wall, during the month off I was living a very sedentary lifestyle where I was basically playing video games all day and sitting in a very bad position. After a month I returned to the gym, where I injured a facet joint in my thorocolumbar area part of my spine on my 3rd set of front squats. For the next month or so I continued to take off time from work and just go to physio and go back home to my sedentary lifestyle.
      Eager to return to the gym again, I started noticing my body was not the same as it was before my injury and I had very limited mobility in many areas of my body. Some of the major areas included rolled over shoulders, caved in chest, neck pain and my breathing also became more shallow. The whole thorcolumbar injury even affected my hip as it pulled my hips out of alignment, which manifested to my walking because now I have fallen arches and internally rotated knees.
      I didn’t know where to turn to so I spent most of the summer and fall finding therapy’s (chiro, message, physio, osteopath) and nothing really improved mobility wise. To this date i’m still seeing a chiro because I lost alot of the natural curve in my neck, he also mentioned my rotator cuffs are deforming/degenerating.
      Basically as of right now I am experiencing no pain, If i could describe the feeling in my upper body it would be that my shoulders feel very restricted and stuck in this rolled over position, my chest is slightly caved in and feel very hunched over. I’m unable to even do pushups because it puts so much stress on the front of my shoulder and feels very unstable
      Here is a few pics of what my body currently looks like (never had any issues and had better posture 13-14 months ago)
      If anybody has an idea of what is going on or what I should do mobility wise please let me know. I purchased a foam roller and have a few lacrosse balls but don’t really know how to use them
      Thank You!
      Have a nice day
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