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      Hey guys,
      It doesn’t happen much, but sometimes I get abs cramps that are pretty intense, lasting only usually for a few minutes. I find they happen sometimes after total body deep tissue massages, standing ab pull downs, and once during band resisted lower back extensions. I’m just wondering what kind of soft tissue, or other work, I can do in order to prevent this from happening. Thanks for your help!

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      Cramping is usually a hydration/electrolyte issue.
      After total body deep tissue massages stuff is worked out of your muscles that you need to get flushed from your system. Treat it the same as a workout up your hydration requirements. If your hydration is out of whack before you’ll need to add more. Hydration before plays a role. 1/2 your body weight in oz is a minimum. Add to that for workouts etc.
      Make sure you are absorbing what you are drinking. Aquahydrate is a solid water to be drinking or add a Nuun tab to your water a couple times a week.

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      Hey Kaitlin,
      Thanks for getting back to me. I just picked up some water at Trader Joe’s that already has electrolytes added to it, would that do the trick? The bottles are 50 oz., and since I weight 270, I’m figuring 3 of those bottles per day is what I need?

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      Yes, the water that you got could do the trick.
      1/2 bodyweight in oz doesn’t include workouts.
      Start adding it in and build to the 3 in a day with additional if you are working out that day.

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      AvatarKeith Borg


      It’s pretty position specific.  If the psoas is stiff or you have some low back wonkiness, the “abs” will freak out like this.  I feel it’s unlikely water/etc, but you can’t really over do it.  I think it’s weakness and stiffness.
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