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      For as long as I can remember I have had a cracking in my knees. It feels like it is under the patella, like their is pea stone underneath it. No pain or physical discomfort but I can hear it and feel it. Makes me shiver when I just put my hand on my knees and feel it. I use my knees a lot with work up and down all the time and kneeling (with knee pads). Any ideas what I could do to prevent wearing a hole in my knee? Should I see a doctor about getting my knees scoped?

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      Yes, this is not a new situation from what you say so you should see a doctor to find out more about the situation and what exactly is going on. This may or may not include getting scoped.

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      Avatar[email protected]

      I hear some knee crackle when I do pushouts for my hamstrings. What can knee crackling imply? A long list of possibilities?

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