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      AvatarEric Kirstein

      Having issues getting my torso upright when trying to do the couch stretch. My quads just seems too tight.

      In fact, it’s so bad that I can barely get my torso higher than the knee of the leg I place in front of me.
      Would love some recommendations on how to go about getting all the way up.
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      AvatarTravis Wyant

      Check out Kaitlin’s advice in this thread for the couch stretch.


      she is brilliant with her guidance.

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      AvatarEric Kirstein

      Manxtommyb, where was that link supposed to take me? Seems like links and stuff is rather broken on the forum just now?

      Should I look for the discussion about fail fail fail?
      Oh, btw, doing the couch stretch in the couch with the forward leg on the floor was better. 🙂
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      AvatarEric Kirstein

      Thanks Kaitlin. I’ll look into those. 🙂

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      AvatarRyan Rodriguez

      Sorry to bring this back from a while ago, in episode 235,he gave some examples about not being able to get all the way up, But that was with a band, Is it ok to get into that position, without a band? 

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      Yes, if you don’t have a band you can do it without a band.

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