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      AvatarJames McFadzean

      Hey everyone, about two months ago I was bench pressing and felt something pop underneath in my shoulder, in my armpit. For a couple weeks I had very limited mobility in my left arm and couldn’t do a single push-up.  I took some time off, did a lot of stretching, soft tissue work, and icing around the area but did not really know what the problem was.  Ive doing doing research and think I strained my coracobrachialis.  It only hurts when i do volume barbell bench, chest flys, and/or pushups, anything overhead has limited to no affect on the pain level.

      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to relieve the pain, stretch the muscle, and/or strengthen it?  I am still doing more research but hope someone might gone through the same thing here! Thank you!
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Improvements since this originally happened?

      Push up/bench = press archetype
      Extension and internal rotation may be restricted

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      AvatarJames McFadzean

      Yes, I am able to do all movements with limited to no pain at the beginning of training.  Further on into the workout I become very tight in my left side : chest, shoulder, tricep, and bicep and then the pain comes in the coracobrachialis area.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Limited pain is letting you know something needs attention.

      Have you done voodoo wrap?
      Are you addressing the movement pattern(s)which bother it?

      Have you contacted a health practitioner to help you put together an exercise plan to address this situation?
      Movement is a great part of treatment.

      Push up and bench are the press archetype.
      Are you able to create the press archetype with no pain?

      Internal rotation of the shoulder may be restricted.
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