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      AvatarSam Estrada

        I’ve had this tingling sensation, w/ NO weakness for about 5 days in my right hand. Pretty faint when doing normal activities…I probably wouldn’t notice it if it was not a prevalent issue to me. Its pretty noticeable when I lift…anything with wrist flexion or overhead work. It started after Cleans. Snatches definitely fire it up more as well. Unfortunately the gym I’m having to attend as of recently only has large diameter bars and does not allow you to drop weight…Which I feel definitely put me in this situation.

        Any idea on whats impinged or the severity, would be greatly appreciated.
        Thanks, Tyler.
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          Pick up a smaller ball. Lacrosse balls are usually $1.99 at sports stores and Yoga Tune Up Therapy and Therapy Plus balls are great. Some gyms have them available to purchase.
          Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014
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          AvatarSam Estrada

            I’ll definitely check those out. Thanks.

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