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      AvatarSophie Ker

      Kelly’s been talking a lot about compression socks while building up for Ready to Run. Does he have any recommended types / brands / etc?

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      AvatarNathan Richer
      I am big fan of calf sleeves rather than full socks.  Zensah and 2XU are my favorites.
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      AvatarBobby Aldridge

      In Kelly’s new book (Ready to Run) he says compression socks will “assist your body’s circulation and lymph systems in restoring worked tissue” and “stamp out tissue hotspots”. He doesn’t provide any explanation of how the socks do this but he does cite a 2001 study on deep vein thrombosis and says that because everyone sporty is doing it we should too.

      As far as I can tell this artcle discusses the benefits of compression socks ankles vs knee height for deep vein thrombosis and not for recovering from sports inflicted damage. 
      Can anyone help substantiate the claim that these socks will help with our recovery?
      Why use calf length vs knee length compression socks?
      What is the mechanism at work?
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      here are articles with some studies in it:

      sounds like research is still ongoing. i’m sure there will be more studies this year.

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