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      Hi everyone,

      I’m a long time runner and have experienced a recrurring problem the last few years. Hoping for some insight or tips here. 
      I’ve had 8-10 incidents while running where either of my calves suddenly gives out and feels a bit like a cramp. This usually happens during a race (last night 1.5 miles in, mile 9 during a 10 miler, etc) and most often in my lower calf area. I’m usually back cycling and doing other activities (non-running) a few days later, and it feels different to me than a muscle strain
      Hydration is not the issue. I’ve been doing better and better with mobility work and don’t have hotspots or things of that nature. Calves are not supple leopardish but they’re not bad!

      I looked up compartment syndrome, and Popliteal artery syndrome and both those sound somewhat similar, possibly relevant, and scary/depressing. Any guidance from the group on whether/how to self-manage or the type of doctor to go see if needed would be appreciated! I live in Brooklyn NY


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