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      I’ve had this problem for a long time where I get a loud clunking noise in my hip/pelvic area.
      It is especially noticeable when I lie on my back and lift my leg. When I lower it again and it gets to about 45deg it starts to grind and pop. It doesn’t hurt as such, but It’s audible from across the room and doesn’t feel great.
      It only happens with the right leg.
      I’ve tried lots of mobs including resetting the pelvis.

      Does anyone have any ideas as to what the cause could be and how to fix it?


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      Is your back flat when you lift your leg?
      Lay on your back, take a breath exhale pull your belly button to your spine then lift your leg.
      Any difference?

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      Kaitlin, yes it’s the same when I’m braced. It also seems better when I prop a cushion under my glutes and put myself in extension.

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      I think this happens to me too.  I attribute it to tight hip flexors.  Seems like it stems from the front top of my hips. 

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      Sounds like it is in the front of the socket.
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