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      AvatarSimon Hulme

      When I bring my leg into flexion and then back to extension there is a clunking noise around my hip. I cannot pin point exactly where it is coming from. It’s on my left side. It is causing all kinds of downstream discomfort and problems. I have no internal rotation of the hip, my quad is constantly stiff, pain on the lateral part of my knee, cannot flex my calf, impingement of the ankle and I cannot move my baby toe. I have been doing mobility everyday for 8 months. I am pretty confident that the root of all the downstream problems is caused by the clunking noise. I continue to mobilize the pain areas and also try to mobilize the root of the evil but nothing is working. I thought maybe it could be the SI joint or maybe the IT band. I focus a lot on smashing the QL, high glutes, adductors, TFL, quads (couch stretch daily) psoas, banded hip flexion and hip capsule mob while bias IR. I prioritize spine first, I’m always trying to better my pos. I don’t have to think about the bracing sequence anymore it happens naturally now. It is very difficult to do any kind of internal rotation mobilization because it causes pain on the laterally part of my knee. Olympic wall squat is impossible for me. This is only on my left side. I have practice judo for 14 years on a collegiate level and never focused on any kind of mobility. If I tweaked or hurt something I would just let it heal by doing nothing. I also have a Spondylolisthesis between my L5-S1. If anyone has any suggestion I’m all ears. Thank you.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      This was posted on another thread. I think it’s worth reading and giving it a shot:

      The Side Plank for Internal Rotation Question, Answered

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