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      AvatarBen Turner


      I broke my right clavicle 5 years ago and now i’ve got a problem with the bench press because i have my right shoulder higher than my left and the bar when i bench is not straight is some centimeters higher in the right.
      How can i resolve thuis? sorry for my bad english
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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      This is where I would start. Go to howmuchyoubench.net and buy the original SlingShot made by Mark Bell. It will help tremendously to re-establish your bench groove. Also work on releasing any tension in the soft tissues above and below the collarbone with a lacrosse ball or tennis ball or something like that. Lay on your chest on a plyo box and dig the ball into those tissues and move your arm around like you are doing a push up. Start there.

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      I’d also look into finding a practitioner that has hawkgrips or does graston to clean up the area around the collarbone.
      I saw a difference with this. My collarbone had a plate and 10 screws in it. Since having those removed I’ve had zero issues or restrictions with any movements or skill.

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