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      AvatarDawson Jellenc

      Hi there, looking for some assistance with daily mobility exercises I can do for my neck.  Seems like I’ve got everything else mobilize but my neck remains an issue.

      I spent years behind a desk and I’ve been in law enforcement for the last 10 years. I’m told my posture is now good (took years of work). My chiro believes I suffered a minor tear in my levator scap (April) — I also have chronically tight scalenes. Once the injury healed, I was left with a stiff neck when I woke up and some general stiffness all the time. Regular stretching only pissed my neck off so my chiro had me do PNF stretching. This worked and finally a month ago, no stiffness, ever.  I kept doing the PNF stretches and made sure to do my shoulder/lat/ mobility.
      and now on Friday, I likely aggravated this old injury as opposing to having a new injury. Took 3 days to get to an acute phase and sought treatment again. 
      I feel like I’ve been doing everything I’m supposed to.  I just don’t want to get re-injured again and I’m looking for the daily maintenance I can do. I have the book but nothing in it seems to apply to my issue.
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      Sounds like you are address symptoms of the issue, but not the cause which is why it keeps returning.
      Have you looked at anything downstream of the neck?
      Traps, t- spine, shoulders?
      These may be contributing factors.
      Jill Miller has some quick fixes here
      A link for a free quick fix others are available for a small fee.
      The stress relief, neck,shoulders, upper back may be helpful.
      Hitting a problem from multiple avenues may be the key.

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      AvatarDawson Jellenc

      Hi Kaitlin,  after seeing a number of medical professionals, my massage therapist is the only one who has come up with anything.  Shrugs from olympic lifting, forward head posture that I had for years (used to sit at a desk with my head forward) and whenever I lift, my neck gets very stiff (hard to me to stay relax).  The forward head posture is something I have improved over the years and well relaxing during lifts only works for some movements. I did suffer a shoulder injury 1.5 years ago and one of the goals of rehab was to make upper back muscles do less work.  The active rehab and shoulder mobility have kept my shoulder out of injury but my neck persists in being a problem?

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      AvatarJulie Daugherty

      Hi Eve,

      Did you ever get this resolved?
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