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      Hi guys i am wondering if you have any tips for me. To start i have had Shoulder pain for about a year and a half. When i got it checked out the doctor told me it was Bicipital Tendonitis in both shoulders from overuse in the weight room. I then got it checked again after PT didn’t help and he said it was now tendonosis. I am watching how i sit and also make sure to correctly set my shoulders whenever i lift something. Do you guys have any tips to solve the pain? I have heard a lot to find the root cause but if it was from overuse then what can i do now? Thanks in advance for the advice

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        Were you given anything to work on to improve the situation?
        Were you given a cause for the change in what is occurring?
        Have you had anyone look at your technique for skills where you are experiencing pain?

        Episode 199: A Word About Your Shoulder Health

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        I was given classic exercises like external rotations, internal rotations, sleeper stretch, ice, some of that stuff i know now is more bad than good.

        Cause was that the tendon didn’t heal which the cause of that is something i have been trying to figure this whole time!
        yes i have and i have good  motor control and form now from practicing it
        What do you suggest next?    thanks for the help
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