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      AvatarJorge Branco

      Hi All- I am new to MobilityWod so forgive me if this question has come up before. I’m a cyclist with all the issues identified in the various videos on here and so far I have seen major improvements from everything. With that said, my left SI joint seems to be locked up and according to my massage therapist it needs adjustment. Though no nerve issues, I do feel the deep muscles of the glut extremely tight and its very uncomfortable. I’m considering going to the chiro, but my issues with chiropractors is that I feel good after the adjustment and back to normal in a few hours. I have been working diligently through the wods particularly those dealing with hips, IT band, lower back, and I have seen results already. So my question is do I just keep working the wods and let the joint go back into place naturally or do you recommend adjustments in addition to everything here? Thanks in advance for any input. I am so happy I found this site.

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      Good to hear you are seeing improvements with what you are working on.
      If something is not in the correct position put it in the correct position.
      As you are correcting the positioning and addressing the tight muscles you will hold the adjustment longer.
      It may only need 1 adjustment.

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      AvatarAaron Miller

      Often with SIJ rotations you can maintain your positioning by using a muscle energy technique. Performing a maximal isometric quads or hamstring contraction will pull the pelvis in the direction it has been manipulated and keep things where they should be. Ask the person who is manipulating you about this, they should be able to instruct you further.

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      Bill KramerBill Kramer

      I can completely empathize with your chiro experience. If I may offer my two cents, have you considered a re-evaluation your riding mechanics? This piggybacks off of the info found here and other places, but I saw more significant reductions in pain and increased comfortability when I began focusing on form and function.

      What that mechanical change looks like could be anything really. 

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      AvatarAaron Miller

      Agree with Rich. There must be something in your daily patterns or biking mechanics that is causing the problem. You should be able to identify and correct such an issue with a (very) good practitioner. The Muscle contraction technique I suggested above is simply to help maintain corrected position but won’t identify the daily patterning issue that is causing the SIJ pain (if indeed that is the problem).

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