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      Good morning!!

      I’m trying to develop a training/mobility routine — used to do a lot of lifting (power lifting, mostly) and had no idea what I was doing. Was hired by a fire department — now I work 48+ hrs a week as a firefighter/EMT and have successfully injured myself a couple of times (tore a disk in my lower back — still have TONS of issues!; and aggravated some carpal tunnel in both my wrists). I previously worked as an ICU RN — looooong hrs walking and standing and squatting and pulling and pushing (folks are just getting sicker and thicker, that’s for damn sure). Pretty sure my form sucked thru most of that job.

      In a nutshell, I want to get back into lifting. Have serious issues holding weight — my grip strength sucks; I have periods of time where both my hands go numb/weak, so I have a tendency to drop things randomly and have a hard time holding significant weights. I’m interested in doing things like deadlifts and squats again, but am worried about holding onto the bar.

      Anybody have any experience with using straps with carpal tunnel? Assuming the pressure it’ll put on my wrists will be incredible, but desperately want to do some lifting — obviously grip strength is a priority, but don’t want to wait on lifting until I get the mobility back in my wrists…

      (Yes — have the book, ordered the VooDoo bands, regular bands, etc — mobility for wrists is in the works!)

      Gracias, guys!! 🙂


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      Do you know the cause of the numbness/weakness?
      Did you have trauma or injury cause the carpal tunnel?
      You could have pressure or something pressing on the median nerve and tendons.
      Or it could be improved by improving positioning with your wrist.
      Episode 145: Wrist Flexibility
      Episode 79: Unglue your arm’s opposite ends
      Episode 66: A Front Rack Wrist Mob and More!

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