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      AvatarMike Pryor

      Hey guys,

      I’ve been searching for an answer to this for some time but can’t find anything specific to this issue.
      My training partner cannot stay upright when she squats. As she lowers down, her chest leans forward getting gradually worse until she is at parallel (which is a struggle). The angle of her torso sits at about 45 degrees which makes squats difficult never mind attempting to apply any load. 
      She also struggles to get full depth, certainly unable to get hips below knees.
      Any ideas?
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      AvatarYuan Li

      Hip and ankle mobility drills mate. Als getting a band to support around buttocks whilst in deep,squat and hold for as long as possible. These have improved my squat depth.

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      AvatarNancy Alwin

      Newbie here but my thought is maybe she can feel where the restrictions appear in her body as shes attempting to squat with perfect form, and just work on those. Maybe what Rob said.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      I just sent this master list of squat related areas to mob to a friend:

      T-spine mobilizations – smashes with gemini up/down t-spine
      Smash around the scapulas, rhomboids, traps
      Lumbar spine mobilization, QLs, under the rib cage in the back
      Gut smashes – psoas work around the front
      Quad smashes – rectus femoris, lateralis
      Hip openers with band distraction, set femur head back of socket
      Adductor work – smash gracilis with ball, use handle of KB at the crease of groin to leg.
      Couch Stretch
      Lower leg – smash peroneals, calves, heel cord, posterior tib and down around the ankle bone to foot, anterior tib
      Ankle mobilizations with band

      as you can see, the squat can be all encompassing up and down the body! without looking at your friend on video or live, it would be hard to tell exactly what to work on first. however, i would first test. pick a mob up top, then retest. if a positive change, then remember that as one to work on. if no change, move to the next mob.
      then there is motor control. try using a support to imprint the feel of what it’s like being upright in squat:
      there may also be simple fear of tipping over which is adding to the difficulty of getting upright, and figuring out how to “balance” the torso bet the hips.
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