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      Urgent: Bad crick in my neck for 3 days.  What can I do?

      I know I got it laying down with my head propped up, but that whole region for me is a bad goat.
      Sometimes pain if I check my driver side blind spot – especially too quickly and the rotation is on multiple axis to the side and down for example.  

      Have had the FMS screen done twice and both times they said I had *really* bad asymmetry on my thoracic mobility test (this thing picture).  When my left arm is on top it’s way further apart than when my right arm is on top.  They said don’t do anything overhead until you get that fixed.  

      They both said do this thing (pictured) where you try to get your shoulder to the ground while moving your arm in a circle.  

      Also, it feel like maybe one of my levator scapulae is shorter than the other – my head naturally wants to look about 20 degrees to the right.  The crick is on my right.
      Lastly, a knot on my right rhomboid major stays hot.  Can’t get enough rolling smashing.  Hurts so good to hit that spot.  If I could hang out on for days with a theracane, I’d probably lose interest in sex.  Would rather it go away than develop a new kink.  
      Before a workout I roll the whole spine with rumble roller.
      Also despite fancy anatomical terms, please explain like I’m five.  I only know the names of the parts that bother me.  
      Not sure if related but LOOOOOOONG time chronic iliopsoas tendonitis.  It stays hot.  Gets better the more squat butt work I do, but stays hot.  Also goes from 2 to 10 on pain scale in the snap of a finger after about 30 minutes sitting.  
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