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      I’m sure I’m not the only one who would really like to see complete videos on how to properly warm-up, for either a general workout, or even specific workouts. I think Pro users should have something like that available. I haven’t seen a single video with actual demonstrations of a warm up


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      Warm ups will vary based on the skills and elements performed in the wod for a particular day.
      You need to get the heart rate up and start sweating.
      As Kelly noted in one write up:
      Ultimately, you will know what best works for you.  But, being that we
      are animals that learn primarily from mimicking other behavior, having a
      few examples never hurts.
      Warm Up: Erin Cafaro-Rowing (Olympic Gold Medalish)
      Warm Up: Brian MacKenzie Running Warm Up
      Episode 339: MWod and Warmup: Olympic Lifting

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      Yes Jorge, you are not the only one that would like to see some videos on warms ups.I would love to hear MobilityWod’s take on the best types of warm-ups, duration, intensity, etc for general wods. My line of thinking is similar to Brian MacKenzie’s in the video. I try to warm-up, perform targeted mobility, perform reps and skill work of the movement you are going to perform, then perform the wod, cool down with targeted mobility. Where I always question myself is the duration, type and intensity of the warm up. 

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