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      Avatarsimon brooks

      I sit at work all day and I know that I always tend to lean to one side.  I know I have problems with my left hip and I wonder if I kinda sink into that hip when sitting.

      Can sinking into this hip tighten up the left lat, and in turn affect the left shoulder?
      I daily role out the lat/pec/rotator cuff and it feels so much better,but only temporarly.  When I wake up in the morning it is back to being tight
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      Yes one side can compensate for something occurring on the opposite side of the body.
      Hip compensation effects everything upstream so yes it can affect the shoulder.
      If you are seeing issues at the hip and shoulder you need to back up and look at the spine.
      Deviations in your spine will shut down the primary engines of the hip and shoulder.
      Start there.
      You need to work on those areas more than once a day,
      They are not able to hold the change for long periods of time in the beginning it needs reminders.
      You are breaking the bad habit of the poor position in that area and making a change in position.
      Just as working on technique with a skill it takes skill/drill work, time, and doesn’t come automatically.
      Keep chipping away at it.

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      Avatarsimon brooks

      So you figure it is spine related?  I know my scap doesnt move as smoothly on the left side.

      So you think its a problem with the left side of my spine which affects both left shoulder and left hip?
      Should I be attacking the low back/ql, or thoracic?  It seems impossible to attack everything. 
      I usually do my mobility in the evenings.  You say multiple times per day?  So in the morning and evening?  I know sometimes I lay around on a ball for an hour just finding all the rough spots.
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      Brenley, you mention when you wake up in the morning it is back to being tight.

      I wonder if the way you sleep leads to the tightness? Do you sleep on your side? I noticed after an injury on my left arm/shoulder area I started sleeping on my right side. After some time I seemed to have left SI pain. By putting a pillow in between my legs it helped ease the hip issues and left SI area. Recently I got a memory foam mattress and that helps now too.
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      You start with the spine first.
      Are you addressing your lft scap?
      You need to make a plan or you’ll get overwhelmed.
      Yes multiple sessions per day.
      Each dose doesn’t have to be a long time, but quality time.
      10-15 minutes per dose 1-2 elements at a time.
      Your sessions need to have more direction than “lay around on a ball for an hour”
      Know what you are looking to accomplish in each session.

      Yes sleeping position can impact and may be an impacting factor.
      What type of pillow you use impacts.

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