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      AvatarSteve Lisson


      I’m reaching out to the MWOD community as I’m at a loss for what to do! 

      A little history:
      • August 2010 – surgery for FAI & labral tear left hip
      • August 2014 – surgery for FAI & labral tear right hip
      • August 2014 – surgery for FAI & labral tear left hip – again!
      • Lower crossed syndrome with flat thoracic spine
      • For the past 3 years I’ve also struggled with low back ache and spasms
      • I need to click my knees all the time and this has gotten worse over the last 6 months – never painful, just stiff
      I’ve followed MWOD for 4 years now and have lots of rollers, balls, floss bands etc and followed the advice given but still have low back pain/spasms.  My hips now feel clear of impingement but I can’t help thinking my structural issues will lead me back there in the future? I’ve seen my GP, physio’s, clinical massage therapists and a UKSCA coach (I’m in England) but I still have a distended/weak abdomen and low back issues!

      Can anyone help me to break this down and implement a programme to sort this out or at least recommend someone I can see in England?

      Many thanks,
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      i’m a big fan of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) and I think it could help you a lot. There are practictioners in the UK:

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      AvatarSteve Lisson

      Thanks for the links David, looks very interesting!

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      Hey Richard–
      If possible I would recommend visiting CrossFit Thames and scheduling an appoint with Jami Takkanen.

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