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      AvatarDavid Ryan

      I have been doing calf smashes with a foam roller to help with my Achilles tendinitis. I smash one calf at a time while using the weight of my other leg to add pressure. While keeping my calf tacked down on my lower leg where the Achilles attaches I have been moving my foot in all directions. While bring my toes toward me I feel a stretching/ripping, not sure if I am damaging my Achilles more or helping by release the tissue that is glued down. My Achilles seems to be sore for a little bit after but by the next day seems fine. Any idea what is going on here?

      Also in Episode 163: Knee/Ankle/Achilles Issues? Active Tack and Stretch it shows Kelly doing a calf smash with a foam roller but it seems like the roller is actually on the Achilles tendon. Am I correct? If so, would this help my Achilles tendinitis or should I stay away from this one ?


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      AvatarKeith Broussard

      If it feels like ripping muscle there’s a good chance it’s ripping muscle so be careful. Maybe just do some smashing on it and work on some dorsiflexion without having a pinned down for a while. See how that feels.

      As far as the video that roller is pretty big so it’s probably on the I Keeley’s tendon but also on the soleus

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