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      It was confirmed via ultrasound and X-ray that I have some nasty calcium deposits in my tricep tendon which have led to or are likely the cause of, long-term tricep tendinopathy. I have had elbow pain for 2 years. I do not know the mechanism but I assume since I did not take care of the original tendonitis, it turned into long-term tendinopathy, which lead to calcium deposits, which prevented the healing of the tendon.
      This said, want to throw out a couple questions:
      1. I have started shockwave therapy to break up the calcium, and hopefully, then lead healing of the tendon. After the shockwave therapy (5 to 9 sessions), should I just do normal physio and TRS tricep and forearm smashes?
      2. Does anyone know the mechanism of calcium deposits and have recommendations on how to prevent them? This has been a rough two years from being able to bench 250 to not being able to do 1 single push-up.

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