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      What is the deal with this?  It never happened to me, but I did it to my girlfriend and I guess because it was her first time she recieved very big bruises from it.  Am I a women beater or a fake Kstar? Help!

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      You may have gone too deep into the tissue.

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      Definitely not too deep.  I was pretty light. 

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      Maybe use something softer(ball, roller, avoid using your heel, try a slightly different technique, etc)?  You can still get good pressure without quite so much force on a small area.  Also, some people do just bruise easier.  Just because she can handle the pain, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea 😛

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      I did this to myself when I first used a foam roller on my lats – I apparently went too far below the ribs and bruised interior “stuff” (have no idea what) from being stubborn. It took me several weeks to get over it. Pull back on the force until her tissues get used to it. Some of us just bruise really easily!

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