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      Hi everyone, I think I’ve been performing all of my training in a forward flexed position, I don’t feel pain/discomfort.. just very stiff psoas/illiacus, adductors, lowerback muscles after training
      This position leaves me very stiff but requires a great deal of focus to maintain so I don’t think it’s neutral 
      current set ups are:
      pelvic floor contraction -> glute contraction -> lock ribcage down 
      glute contraction -> pelvic floor  -> lock ribcage down
      glute contraction -> full breath/exhale -> lock ribcage down
      glute contraction -> grip the ground -> lock ribcage down

      am I missing something? adding additional steps?  any input is appreciated  
      also looking for some quick clarification on:
      – when/if to contract pelvic floor during weight bearing/barbell manipulation  
      – when smashing a stiff psoas by laying on a ball, should the glutes be flexed or simply the pelvic floor?

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