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      AvatarJesse Keene

      On and off over the past year my lower back has felt tight and weak. These issues would come and go and were most noticeable when I would do a heavy back squat or deadlift.

      Over the past 2 months the feeling of tightness and weakness has been an every day issue. I bought “becoming a supple leopard” and have been trying to self diagnose.
      After reading through Kelly’s book, I’m pretty sure I’ve been over arching my back on all of my lifts, for years. For example in my squat I would lead with my butt and arch my back.
      Having been doing crossfit since 2006 and displaying great work capacity, no one ever called me out on my arched back. Giving that I’m experiencing the feeling of tightness and weakness almost daily I hope that I didn’t give myself spondy or stenosis.
      I’m able to get some relief by smashing, flossing, or stretching my hips, quads, glutes and hamstrings. I’ve also stopped back squatting and have been focusing on body weight workouts with perfect form and crossfit met cons with lighter weight that i know I can execute perfect form on.
      How do I know when I’ve established good enough form and strength in the proper muscles to start ramping up my workouts again and going heavy?
      I’m currently doing my own programing which is a crossfit metcon in the morning and boxing in the evening on Monday Wednesday and Friday, Tuesdays and Thursdays mornings I do deadlift and shoulder press pavel style with sprints in the afternoon. Long walk or swim on Saturday.
      Does anyone have any recommendations on programing specifically in regards to me trying to strengthen my trunk and heal the damage I’ve done to my lower back?
      I’m in the military and have to maintain my level of fitness and preparedness while I correct these issues with my back.
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      Is there a coach at your facility that would be willing to evaluate your technique with the skills/elements that are question? Or is there a coach you could consult with on this?
      Are you seeing improvements with what you have been doing?
      Initially it may take sometime to maintain the improvements over time.
      This can be the case with things that are overly tight and have been for a period of time.

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      AvatarJesse Keene

      Hi Kaitlin, thanks for the response.

      Im currently on deployment and won’t have access to a coach for another 5 months.
      I’ve been seeing improvements using the mobilization techniques for the “butt wink fault” and “overextension fault”.
      Also stopping the heavy back squats has helped. I’m really focusing on performing the level 1 movements with perfect form. 
      However in these new positions my trunk is failing under any significant load and defaulting back to my poor movement patterns. Do you know of any auxiliary exercises I can program in to help increase my trunk stability and reinforce a neutral spine?
      How do you feel about sit-ups, knees to elbows, toes to bar, planks, L-sits etc…? Will those exercise benefit my recovery or put unneeded stress on my trunk?
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      Great that you have determined some of the areas your need to address.
      As different elements start to get worded out you may notice other ones starting.
      Yes you could so sit ups, knees to elbow, toes 2 bar, and bar, planks, Lsits etc.

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